Solving the mystery of the East Side Taco Triangle

Exploring the Taco Triangle

YES, San Antonio is known for having the best Tex Mex food. And if you're a true San Antonian, you feast on breakfast tacos at LEAST once a week. So join me for a tour of the best taco joints on the far East Side in what I like to call the 'Taco Triangle.'

So let's start our journey...

Chili Verde is a great taco joint with an incredible variety. You'll find great deals with an even greater taste. They've remodeled the place over the years, making it into a fine establishment with a full bar. Their dinner plates are out of this world - from the mini tacos to the chimichanga covered in melted cheese. Don’t think about passing Chili Verde up. My recommendation: The tripa taco.

El Valle de Mexico has some of my favorite breakfast tacos. Not only are they packed with amazing flavor, but they're bigger than your average taco. Try the brisket taco. Juicy brisket packed into a taco with melted cheese is just the right way to start off your morning.

Norma’s Place has been around since 1999. It’s one of those local places that never disappoints the stomach. The beef or chicken fajita breakfast tacos are some of the best on the menu. Their dinner plates are packed with food. It’s impossible to leave Norma’s hungry. The food is just too good and puts a smile on your face every time. NOTE: They also have a second location in Balcones Heights.

El Rodeo Tex Mex looks like an old country corner store. But inside they make some of the best tacos around. They're only open in the mornings, so it’s important that you get up early to get out there and get some tacos. Their Carne Asada is amazing and its makes all the difference on their homemade tortillas. Their food is reasonably priced, but they only take cash, so come prepared.