San Antonio mega-lawyer Thomas J. Henry & family debut their own reality show


SAN ANTONIO - Let's start right up front with some full disclosures here.

First, as you may know, Thomas J. Henry runs a big law firm that advertises on our station (along with a number of media outlets in San Antonio and across Texas).

Second, I know nothing about reality shows, don't watch them, and couldn't tell a great one (if there are any) from a horrible one.

I also want to make clear that I've never met Thomas J. Henry or anyone in his family.

And nobody here told me to run a segment on this - or not to run a segment on this.

I didn't even ask.



This is just too... uh, 'unusual' to NOT run just because he's a sponsor.

You see, this San Antonio multi-millionaire, known for his TV commercials and throwing his children lavish multi-million dollar parties starring the likes of Pitbull and Diplo, not only just started his own reality show called 'Hangin' with Los Henrys,' but it's been racking up some impressive numbers since it debuted Wednesday on its own Youtube channel.

As Madalyn Medoza of first reported, Hangin' with Los Henrys Episode One (of two, so far) had about 80,000 views as of Friday around 3:30 pm.

Since then, it's been getting about ten thousand views an hour.

I checked it out - and put together this little segment showing a couple of clips.

And as I mentioned above, I have no clue about reality shows and don't really know what to make of this one.

Except that it looks very well done, like they're spending some real money on it.


That is - the people in the show are spending money, and lots of it, as you'll see - but somebody is also spending some money on the slick production of the show itself.

And it shows off San Antonio, which I think is kind of cool. For example, one segment was shot inside Rosario's in Southtown.

As a big non-fan of reality shows, I figure as long as they're shooting them and people are watching them, I think they should all be shot here.

Who knows, 'Hangin' with Los Henrys' might just jump-start some interest in shooting more shows and movies here.

Right now, there are just the two episodes on their website and Youtube, each of them running right around seven minutes long, with an episode three 'coming soon.'

And if it catches on? Again, who knows?

I was also wondering to myself - since part of our sportscast happens to be sponsored by 'Tom' as Henry is identified in the opening credits - whether that might mean something for our sports guys.

Could our own Don Harris or David Chancellor wind up on a Hollywood-type reality show hanging with the rich and famous from here to Europe with the likes of Pitbull and Diplo?

My guess is... not a chance.

Check out 'Hangin' with Los Henrys' for yourself on their Youtube Channel here or on their website here.