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PERFECT PITCH | Girls bid to sell cookies goes viral, sells 200 boxes in 24 hours

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6-year-old Allie Shroyer. Her bid to sell Girl Scout cookies yieled her sales of 200 boxes in 24 hours (CNN Newsource)

A Girl Scout's sales pitch to a doorbell cam has gone viral.

The six-year-old from Arizona took a different approach to selling cookies this year - asking her neighbor to pick by the color of the cookie box.

Allie Shroyer said, "Hi, I'm Allie. Would you like to buy some girl scout cookies?"

The owner of the house sent the video to Allie's mom, who then posted it on Facebook.

Then, Allie, a first-grader at Cheyenne Traditional School in Scottsdale, offered a unique way to pick out what cookies to order.

Allie Shroyer asked, "What's your favorite color because the boxes are the colors, then maybe your favorite color and the box is that color then you can choose that."

Allie's mom, Kristen, says even though it's been a little harder to sell cookies because of the pandemic, she was impressed by Allie's sales skills.

"Her sales pitch was so successful that she sold over 200 boxes in the first 24 hours," said Kristen Shroyer, Allie's mom.

The Girl Scout business has changed over the past year. They now give each of its scouts their own website to take orders digitally.

Kristen Shroyer said, "So, it's great everybody can order online and we have their name and address and then they can select to have it delivered to their house."

Allie shroyer, girl scout:

"It's kinda been harder because it's like I didn't know what to say so I said what I think I should say," said Allie Shroyer.

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