Never-before-seen photos of James Dean's fatal car crash are now up for auction

James Dean unpublished crash site photos up for auction (Photo courtesy RR Auction)

Never-before-seen photos are being released of the scene of the car crash that killed beloved actor James Dean on September 30th, 1955.

About a half mile away from the site of the crash sits a small diner called Jack Ranch Café, which is packed with memorabilia in the actor's honor.

Outside the restaurant is a memorial statue with Dean's birthday and date of his death. Inside, you'll find pictures newspaper articles, and even a copy of the speeding ticket he got just hours before he died in that crash.

The diner sells copies of that ticket for $1. To give you some comparison, the pictures that just came out are going for $20,000.

On the day of the fatal car crash, the 24-year-old movie star was driving his Porsche 550 Spyder down Route 466 near Highway 41, headed to a racing event in Salinas.

James Dean's race car was no match for the bulky Ford Tudor Donald Turnupseed drove when he slammed into Dean.

The 30 photos being released are made up of 18 ground-level photos of the car crash, and 12 pictures taken from overhead. They show Dean's car crushed, with far more damage than Turnupseed's vehicle.

The passenger in Dean's car, Rolf Wutherich, survived. The pictures just now being released are ones he planned to use in court after the wreck.

The lawsuit never happened, but RR Auction, the company selling the never-before-seen pictures, says a man who would have been an attorney in that case, kept the photos.

RR Auction didn't explain why the pictures are only just now being put up for sale.

That auction starts up on August 8th and goes through the 15th

Also for sale in the "Pop Culture Auction" is an "Apocalypse Now" archive of 40 documents signed by different actors, a collection of 20 Marilyn Monroe lobby cars, and a comedic letter by Marlon Brando.

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