'Selena Forever/Siempre Selena' to open at McNay Art Museum

'Anything for Selenas' | New Art Exhibits at the McNay (Photo courtesy John Dyer / McNay Art Museum)
'Selena Forever/Siempre Selena' to open at McNay Art Museum (Photo: SBG San Antonio)

Fans of the late Queen of Tejano Selena will soon be treated to a new exhibit at the McNay Art Museum which showcases the icon through pictures taken by local photographer John Dyer.

"Of course it's surreal to see so much imagery," said Head of Education at the McNay Art Museum Kate Carey.

Dyer first photographed Selena for Más Magazine in 1992. It was then that he captured the iconic image of the much-loved singer wearing her signature beaded bustier, which she designed herself.

At the time, Selena was already a successful Tejano artist working to establish a fashion line.

Dyer would work with Selena again in 1995 when Texas Monthly hired him to photograph the artist at the Majestic Theatre. Selena was murdered just a few months later.

"It's amazing how emotional people still are about Selena," said Dyer.

The exhibit, "Selena Forever" or "Siempre Selena," is part of the larger "Fashion Nirvana" installation, which celebrates 90s fashion.

"Photographers don't get lucky very often with a subject like Selena where you're getting so much good stuff." said Dyer.

It opens on Wednesday, January 15th and runs through July 5. For more information, click here.