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Local restaurant receives $1,000 tip from out-of-town customer

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Local restaurant receives $1,000 tip from out-of-town customer (WKRC)

MOUNT LOOKOUT, Ohio (WKRC) – Coronavirus restrictions continue to place financial strains on countless restaurant employees who rely on tips to earn their incomes. But recently, a big tip has employees at an iconic local restaurant smiling.

Zip’s Café has been serving up burgers since 1926. Even during the pandemic, people are still coming into the much smaller dining area and now taking out more than ever.

"We’ve had such a great following throughout the pandemic and obviously prior to that. So, it’s very much appreciated,” said Manager Max Fledderjohn.

Flutterjohn says the support is great, especially after a man from Connecticut, in town visiting Xavier University with his daughter, left a note on a napkin thanking the staff for the hard work and telling the server share the tip with everyone.

"It was a $54 bill and he left $1,000 tip on top of that,” said Fledderjohn. “A little bit of shock, a little bit of adrenaline going. We’ve had very generous guests in the past, but nothing to this magnitude."

Fledderjohn says the gesture is a bright spot of positivity, uplifting everyone's spirits.

"I don’t even know how many 'Thank you‘ s' to give you," he said. "It’s really been a blessing. It doesn’t go unnoticed, we really appreciate it."

Zip's has 17 employees right now. That works to about $58 for each employee.