Spider-Man, Venom have hands full with surprise villain

Courtesy: Marvel Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS...Here are reviews from Josh Holston from Heroes and Fantasies on this week's top comics.

DC Comics’ Batman #36

This issue exceeds expectations by delving into the distinctive characteristics of Batman and Superman's friendship. The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel are essentially two different sides of the same superhero coin, and writer Tom King does a great job with delivering this message. Artist Clay Mann (Trinity/Action Comics) does a remarkable job with the pencils and inks. The artwork is delicately simplistic and visually pleasing. This book is one of the best takes thus far on the world's finest, as well as the women in their lives.

Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man & Venom: Venom Inc. Alpha #1

It's nothing but action packed thrills and excitement whenever Spider-Man and Venom are thrown into a comic book together. The story brings out almost every character that has ever possessed the alien symbiote that debuted so long ago in Marvel's Secret Wars back in the eighties. The main villain of the story, as well as the surprise twist at the end, is sure to keep Spidey and Venom's hands full. Long time Spider-Man writer Dan Slott sets up the story immaculately while superstar artist Ryan Stegman (Superior Spider-Man) lays down the artwork that continues to impress with its visuals. Make sure you pick up this book so you don't miss out on the first appearance of an all new character.

Boom! Studios’ Klaus and The Crisis in Xmasville #1

Grant Morrison and Dan Mora team up once more to draw us back into the World of Klaus with a new adventure. It involves a corporation taken a hold of X-Mas and trying to make profits in all the wrong ways for all the wrong reasons, and an evil version of Klaus that takes no prisoners. This one shot delivers the goods thanks to Morrison's clever take on these Christmas traditions and Mora's sleek illustrations that will guarantee to pull the reader into Klaus's journey. And just in time for the holidays I might add.