DC's Doomsday Clock is an instant classic

Doomsday Clock #1 Cover C.jpg
Courtesy: DC Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS...Here are reviews from Josh Holston from Heroes and Fantasies on this week's top comics.

DC Comics’ Doomsday Clock #1

One of the most anticipated comic book events of all time has finally arrived and it did NOT disappoint. Doomsday Clock starts off years after the end of the original Watchmen series. The majority of the first issue takes place in that universe, it's there we are introduced to new characters that immediately blow us away, and we get to see the return of one of the original Watchmen characters. Towards the end is when we are brought the main DC universe, and we see Superman experiencing something he never has before. Writer Geoff Johns (Justice League) and Artist Gary Frank (Batman: Earth One) set the tone for what is already expected to be a classic. You will end up reading this over and over again.

Marvel Comics’ Amazing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows # 13

ASM: Renew Your Vows has done a great job giving fans who miss the "Peter Parker/Mary Jane" dynamic an outlet for it. With this issue, we get to see how the Parker family is doing 8 years later after the battle with Norman Osborn and his Goblin Mecha robot. It's good to see writer Jody Houser (Star Wars: Rogue One Adaptation) convey the ups and downs parents have trying to connect and relate to their teenage children by having Peter go through with it with his daughter Annie. Artist Nick Roche (Revolution: Transformers) did a great job illustrating the story as well. Definitely a great starting point for the arc.

Vertigo Comics’ Imaginary Fiends #1

Imaginary Fiends takes the concept of "Imaginary Friends" to a whole other level. Writer Tim Seeley (Hack/Slash) and Artist Stephen Molnar deliver a great combination of suspense and horror that opens our eyes to a new world where creatures thrive off being believed in, and fatal consequences follow those who believe in the wrong monsters. This issue is the start of a great storyline.

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