Batman's romantic side on full display in 'Date Nights Last Rites'

Courtesy DC Comics

THIS WEEK IN COMICS...Here are reviews from Josh Holston from Heroes and Fantasies on this week's top comics.

DC Comics’ Batman Annual #2

This annual not only gives us a look at Batman and Catwoman's first encounter, but also a glimpse of the possible future the two of them could have together. This issue puts on full display the romantic side of the caped crusader that hasn't been seen in so long. Tom King's writing (Batman/Mister Miracle) mixed with Lee Weeks' artwork (Amazing Spider-Man/Superman: Lois And Clark) will have you on an emotional rollercoaster with each panel displaying the beautiful yet inspiring chemistry between Selina and Bruce. This Annual reads like a great Nicholas Sparks movie that could be called "The Bat and The Cat". And what's not to love about that Easter egg that pays homage to Tom and Lee's work on the Batman/Elmer Fudd Special. Make sure you grab a copy before it's too late.


Marvel Comics’ Old Man Logan #31

Logan returns to Tokyo, a place that was once home to him. No more than two to three pages in, we get to see Logan do what he does best, which is putting those adamantium claws to good use by slicing up a couple of bad guys. The biggest mystery in this issue is the appearance of the Scarlet Samurai, who will most likely keep Logan busy as the story progresses. Writer Ed Brisson (Cable) lays down a great foundation for the story while Mike Deodato Jr (New Avengers) hits the mark with his artwork. Plus, seeing "Snikt" appear in the panels will get any Wolverine fan pumped up.

Udon Comics’ Street Fighter Reloaded #1

The 1st issue of Street Fighter Reloaded provides a great plateau for anyone wanting to start from the ground up on reading about the humble beginnings of these popular Capcom characters. Thanks to the collaborative effort of writer Ken Siu-Chong (Darkstalkers: The Ultimate Edition) and artists Arnold Tsang (Overwatch) & Alvin Lee (Agent X), you won't be able to help yourself from quoting the SF characters' moves out loud as your read along the pages. Consider the "Sonic Boom" delivered.

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