Batman turns to the Joker side in 'Batman Who Laughs'


THIS WEEK IN COMICS...Here are reviews from Josh Holston from Heroes and Fantasies on this week's top comics.

DC Comics’ Dark Nights Metal - The Batman Who Laughs #1

The most anticipated one shot of the entire Dark Nights: Metal event has finally arrived. This is about a Batman that has literally been pushed to his breaking point all thanks to The Joker. On this alternate Earth, Everything Bruce does as he transitions into becoming the Dark Knight who laughs is heartbreaking, tragic, and amazingly captivating. Writer James Tynion IV (Batman: Eternal) and Artist Riley Rossmo (Batman/Shadow) are both precisely meticulous on how they bring this story to fruition. The icing on the cake? We are left with a new and intriguing mystery at the end of the book. If you haven't grabbed this book yet you are missing out. No spoilers, all I can say is, poor Superman.

Marvel Comics’ The Punisher #218

It really pays to be a fan of the Punisher right now. Not only will season one of the anti-hero's tv show be on Netflix, we also get treated to see Frank Castle donning the War Machine armor. The book starts off with Frank doing what he does best of course. Then it smoothly moves along to the plot of how and why Frank needs the late great Col. James Rhodes's old threads. Writer Matthew Rosenberg's (Kingpin/Secret Warriors) storytelling compliments the illustrations of Artist Guiu Vilanova (After the Fire) and vice versa. Also, the lenticular cover for this issue is pretty is awesome. Can't wait to see how the entire story plays out.

Image Comics’ Evolution #1

Evolution has us following three characters' points of view, as the entire world around them is changing into something unrecognizable. One of the highlights of the book would have to be the pages showing us the interaction between the nun, one of the main characters, and a distressed German citizen who shows sign of his body evolving into something horrifying. Writers James Asmus (Quantam and Woody), Joseph Keatinge (Shutter), Christopher Sebela (Injustice: Ground Zero), Joshua Williamson (The Flash) and Artist Joe Infurnari (Honor Guard) have succeeded in setting a great horror/drama filled story.

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