WATCH: New commercial has Spurs' Tony Parker reliving his injury

Tony Parker (photo via PEAK Sneakers)

Twitter: @JeffGSpursZone

San Antonio Spurs' Tony Parker made an incredible comeback from a devastating leg injury in last season's 2017 playoff series against Houston.

His left quad tore, sending him to the court, and his season was done.

It was so severe that many felt it was career-ending but after offseason surgery, dedication, and determination, Parker made a stunning return to the court ahead of schedule and making an instant impact on the team.

And the latest PEAK commercial captures his desire to return to the court while reliving that moment when things seemed bleak.

Parker is seen sitting alone watching fans react to seeing him collapse to the court. You hear the game announcers on the television talking about his injury, see fans in disbelief while Tony relives the moment all over again.

Until he gets up, laces up his sneakers and walks through the arena tunnel once again to cheering fans!

Welcome back Tony.