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How to nurture potential customers until they buy from YOU

Digital Discoveries
Digital Discoveries

SAN ANTONIO - Did you know that 8 out 10 of your possible sales are lost before you even knew they existed?

Local business owners put a lot of effort into getting web traffic and leads to fill their sales pipeline; ad spend, time, producing great content just to find out that they lost most of their leads a little further down the buyer’s journey. Of course, we can’t expect every prospect to turn into a buying customer. There will be a little drop-off. However, almost 80% of these potential customers is a lot.

The reason here is that 73% of leads that come in contact with you aren’t even close to buying yet. That means that early in the buyer’s journey, a sales pitch is the last thing they want to hear. These consumers are just looking to educate themselves. It actually requires a lot of patience and great content for a lead to trust us enough to buy. It’s quite a job but it’s not rocket science. It just takes a good strategy.

How do we nurture future customers?

It comes down to being in front of consumers before they need you. Guide your prospects through the buyer’s journey with relevant, valuable content; guiding them into enough certainty that they want to do business with you. Basically, you’re preparing them for a purchase.

There are two different main concepts when it comes to lead nurturing campaigns.

“Drip campaigns” as they call it, will keep your brand name top of mind by sending out a series of content on a regular basis. This could be information on your company or your products sent via an email blast or dropped into your future customer’s mobile phone in the form of a digital display ad or a pre-roll video.

A “Lead nurturing campaign” is a more advanced version of a drip-campaign. Drip campaigns are based on timing; lead nurture campaigns are based on leads’ behavior and/or other attributes. For example, further down the lead funnel, a potential customer clicks on your website – a retargeting ad could stay with your future customer, showing them deals on the product they saw on your website!

So the idea is basically the same, they’re just executed differently. But you must have some goals behind your nurturing efforts! What are you trying to achieve? Here are a couple of examples:

Set a goal to “Get Noticed / Stand Out” The first phase in the buying process (or consumer journey). In this section, the consumers are trying to learn something about your company, your service or your product, not to buy YET. This is where you can showcase that you’re the expert in your field, what makes you different or better and the consumer can start trusting you. Trust goes a long way!

Strategies for this goal: Send an email blast to new consumers offering information on your website about your product or service: the most common example to engage and educate. This is the perfect opportunity for you to share insights, trends, and tips that don’t necessarily always talk about your business offerings. Ask them to subscribe to your email list for “exclusive discounts.” Build a list of potential customers.

Set a goal for “getting leads” The stage further down the funnel where the contacts have taken a step to learn more about your products or services. Use digital display ads to target and re-target potential customers with the things that show why your business is different or better. Drive your company’s “x-factor” home so people know why you’re the best choice.

Strategies for this goal: When a sale is so close you can almost taste it, but they just haven’t bought from you yet – it can be stressful and exciting at the same time. Persuade consumers to become a REAL customer with discounts or great offers that you know will beat your competitors.

“Buy today and get a month for free” or “get 2 for 1” – right now. Price is powerful persuasion.

Testimonials are also very powerful at this stage. How can anybody know that you’re as good as you say you are? The most credible sources are your own best customers’ reviews. Build your online reviews and share them with your future customers.

Overall, nurturing your future customers will take a few different ad flights, including digital display ads, OTT commercials on internet-based TV, Google Ads, and most of all – CONSISTENCY!

Upsell after the first sale: Keep educating your customers about your product and service, whether it’s tips and tricks to help them use your product more or inform them when you’re offering anything new, etc. You encourage them to discover more potential, plus you can get some extra cash with add-ons.

In Summary, a common mistake business owners make is that they become too “salesy” from the start. Consumers often want to learn something before they buy. Walk with your potential customers until they’re ready to buy – and they’ll buy from you.

With successful digital campaigns, local businesses can grow their bottom line fast. Our team at Sinclair Broadcast Group and Compulse Integrated Marketing can help your business grow by developing smart digital marketing campaigns based on research and data. Call us today and start your company’s journey. We’ll help you navigate to a successful future in a cost-effective way.

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