How local businesses are winning over millennials

Digital Discoveries
Digital Discoveries

SAN ANTONIO - Everyone knows that millennials have taken their time in reaching standard milestones of adulthood routines. But they’re getting there, especially the older millennials.

And contrary to most stereotypes, millennials still have money to spend!

In the process, they’re rewriting some common notions about life as a millennial.

Another stereotype is millennials don’t own homes. Increasing numbers of millennials are homeowners, including a slim majority of those in their 30s. And despite the stereotype of millennials as city dwellers, homeownership is drawing more and more of them to the suburbs of big cities.

This opens up a lot of opportunities for local businesses to approach millennials and gain business from this important group of consumers. Roofers, AC contractors, house painters, deck builders, rejoice!

According to emarketer, Millennials are still heavy users of digital devices and digital media. With heavy use of their smartphones, millennials have been first in adopting newer devices in big numbers and faster than other age groups.

However, as far as social media, they don’t rush to embrace most of the newer options such as TikTok and tend to stick with what they are already familiar with – with Facebook being the most popular and Twitter in second place.

This is why local businesses need to have an active role in social media. There must be two active channels for each local business within social media

1) Posts that talk to the businesses’ current followers.

2) Paid efforts to bring in more new millennial customers, as well as new millennial followers.

Business owners should use social media to connect with potential buyers – person to person. Millennials will make a connection with people they feel they can trust, and they BUY from people they trust.

Social media is a major pipeline of new potential millennial customers. Millennials will use every resource they can find online to educate themselves, compare their options and then make a buying decision.

Physical stores remain an important part of their mix - even as the lines blur between digital and in-store shopping.

More than eight in ten millennials are digital shoppers, and it represents a large chunk of their purchasing. Coupons are highly influential. Remember, this doesn’t mean that millennials buy EVERYTHING online, this just means that millennials will use digital resources to help finalize their buying decisions.

Local businesses should make sure that their websites load quickly on mobile phones to be ready for digitally-savvy millennials. Use coupons to convert clicks into calls.

Also remember that not all millennials want to make an actual phone call to buy. Some prefer to email local businesses for a quote or to ask questions. Others prefer to text local businesses when services are needed.

Local business owners should explore ways to expand communication channels with potential millennial customers to ensure they are maximizing opportunities.

With successful social media campaigns, local businesses can grow their bottom line fast. Our team at Sinclair can help your business grow by developing smart social marketing campaigns based on research and data. Call us today and start your company’s journey. We’ll help you navigate to a successful future in a cost-effective way.

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